Chumpis Stones


Chumpis Stones


Chumpis are excellent for aligning and balancing the chakras (ñawis), used on top of an "Andean Misa"

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“Chumpi” is a Quechuan word meaning belt. They work by channeling energy bands, following Andean traditions, by surrounding and enveloping the energy centres or Andean chakras. They also support the “poqpo” or energy ball that sustains the Andean aura by offering equilibrium. When these belts are affected by excess heavy energy or “jucha” the system becomes unbalanced and this is when the energetic work utilised by practitioners of Andean medicine can be used as a natural defence.


  • Each chumpi can vary in colour and texture.
  • Material: Yanahuara Stone
  • Made in Peru
  • 100% handmade